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These articles relate to conducting and applying educational research, examining types of educational research, and criteria for selection of topics for research projects. There may also be reflections on effective collection and organization of data and its analysis for proposal writing.

Qualitative Research Considerations


Currently, my neonatal kitten simulation research project is being design using a quantitative research model.  I chose quantitative because I wanted empirical data to support statements of my neonatal kitten simulation aiding in efficiency, effectiveness, and ease in training neonatal kitten foster parents at animal shelters and rescue groups or as Good Samaritan citizens.  However, I might use a mixed-method… Read more »

Starting a Research Thesis Chapter for Neonatal Kittens

neonatal kitten simulation

Sometimes I feel so much written word is wasted; read by too few and forgotten in its digital vault.  This is why learning to write research chapters in a way that conforms to the standards of academic publications is vital to research.  I’ve been learning to write to the style of the American Psychological Association (APA), and many journals have… Read more »

Types of Research to Consider with Your Questions

research methods

As all good research is based on discovery and begins with a state of questioning, it might be easy to say that all research is the same once this state is established, but this is simply not true.  Last week I began by isolating formal from informal research, but today I’d like to go a bit further and talk about… Read more »

Understanding the Process to Researching Problems

research problems

I have always enjoyed blogging because it is a chance to express my own thoughts and opinions in a free-flow form.  Although I greatly enjoy school and learning, research papers have always felt stifling to me and have resulted in my distaste for research (I have been lovingly teased by my peers for being the “engineer” of the group because… Read more »