I’m Lacey Clifton and welcome to my online portfolio! Here you will find access to information on projects from my independent instructional company and upcoming workshops (both live and e-learning solutions), as well as artifacts from previous social media training designs, instructional design and technology publications, conference proceedings and presentations, and more! Use the menu above to navigate through your options based on your interest area. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact me here.  

Instructional Design

I am almost finished with my Master’s Degree in Instructional Design.  As an instructional designer, I design what is needed for learning to take place (the transfer of knowledge) from conducting the initial discovery (learner assessment and needs analysis) to developing learning materials (prototypes and full-scale e-learning solutions), through evaluation and performance assessment. This is all done as a consultant or through my independent instructional design company located in Paso Robles, California, known as Pinwheel Learning Management Systems.

Social Media

Many of my instructional designs and research pieces involve social media training. This is due to my expertise in the field of social media use, social presence, social learning theory, and collaborative knowledge construction via social systems. Social media instructional design and learning through social platforms formally and informally is a hot frontier.

Available Worldwide

My office is in Paso Robles, California, but instructional design companies and social media marketers all offer services remotely – I am no different.  I offer consultations, webinars, social media design, and instructional design services remotely via screen sharing sessions.  See my testimonials page to read first-hand accounts from my students and clients.