Neonatal Pet Sim

The kitten version of Neonatal Pet Sim is undergoing live user testing for the design.  The simulation is still under development.

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    Want to see examples from the neonatal kitten simulator?  Below are videos at various stages of development:

    Part 1: User interface tutorial of Neonatal Pet Sim: Kitten Edition

    kitten simulation gofundme

    Here is a mockup video of the simulation.  It is only a design, so the video is silent:

    Did you see it at AECT 2017?  Please give feedback here!

    AECT feedback kitten simulation

    Looking for some cute?  Here is a kitten socialization session:


    Technology Project Launches on Kickstarter to Save the Lives of Orphaned Kittens

    The project is the Orphaned Neonatal Kitten Training Simulation designed by Lacey Clifton of Paso Robles, California. Unlike most simulation trainers which are only utilized by advanced learners, this kitten simulation is designed for use by novice learners who might be volunteering for the first time to foster kittens in need of around-the-clock critical care during their neonatal period (first 28 days of life).

    Projects on Kickstarter are designs like the Orphaned Neonatal Kitten Training Simulation posted by the designer to receive support by the public through pledges. Some pledges have rewards in exchange for them including adding a name to a Thank You page inside the simulation ($5.00) or a t-shirt featuring the simulation kitten ($40.00), but no one is charged unless the project meets its full goal of $3,500 and until the project is closed on Kickstarter on September 16, 2017 at noon in the Pacific time zone.
    neonatal kitten shirt

    Old YouTube demo:

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