Tokyo Disneyland

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For my birthday, I went to Tokyo Disneyland!  I couldn’t have asked for better weather!  Everyone kept telling me it was going to pour, but it was bright, sunny, and about 75 degrees!  The first nice day since I’ve been here.

Tokyo Disneyland is very similar to our Disneyland out in Califoria.  I was told by a mother at school that the castle is different, but it was completely covered to be renovated and painted, so I wouldn’t be able to say.  Of course, the big difference was that everything here was in Japanese except for the songs.  We went on Pirates of the Carribean, which is the old style where the guys chase the women, and had the skull speak to us in Japanese.  It was very funny since it was the first ride we hit.  Then we went over to the Tiki Room, which was very different because they did lots of classic American party songs, but in Japanese.  The birds were different, too, but it was still very cute.  We went during the “Find Stitch / Huli Huli” event, so everything in the park had a Stitch theme and I think they changed some of the Tiki Room just for that.  Here is the sign out front:

Let’s see, I also went on the Haunted House, and despite the fascination with Nightmare before Christmas here, they did not sell anything related to Jack at the Haunted House like they do in California.  I guess everyone gets their fill on Jack merchandise out in town.  He’s everywhere here.  I also went on Space Mountain, which was the same, and Splash Mountain, which was only slightly different – they changed the songs, but just as cute and the drop was just as scary.  I got soaked at the bottom.

There were a lot of cute squirrel statues around Splash Mountian.  There were 2 on this well for Snow White:

The Queen of Heart’s Banquet Hall is something unique here.  I didn’t go in, but I loved the design of the buildning.  Maybe another time I’ll make a dinner reservation here.

The Stitch Parade was very colorful and cute!

At the end of the day, I went and looked at Tom Sawyer’s Island.  It was very pretty there as the sun was setting.  I’ll have more pictures once I get my 35mm film developed.

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