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Audience Analysis for Workshop Performance Enhancement: Putting a Measurement on Free

Low attendance at free workshops is a problem

Many non-profit organizations share the same truth-revealing inside-joke: you can’t fire someone who works for free.  Similarly, they often don’t have any measurements or milestones in place because it’s very hard to measure the ROI (return on investment) of something that is given as a free service and/or funded by free labor.  But in order to know if an organization… Read more »

Audience Analysis for Workshop Performance Enhancement: Change Management

ADKAR in change management

While I have been worrying about the effects of the change curve on my client, I realized that their workshop attendees are subject to the same cycle of contentment being left for doubt, eventually transforming into hope, confidence, and satisfaction.  The workshops are not merely a source of information, but they are trying to elicit change from the learners, too…. Read more »

Audience Analysis for Workshop Performance Enhancement: Gathering Data Points

gathering data points

My work with a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit association for performance enhancement to their workshop program has settled into place and is running smoothly on their end.  They are handing out workshop surveys and have 90% of their attendees completing the survey.  I have begun gathering national statistics for comparison and the results are very interesting. I found the information I… Read more »