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My three years living in Japan.

Updates on Me vol. 2 THAILAND Vacation!!

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Feeding Baby Elephant Red Hair Thailand

So I’ve been ridiculously busy lately, and I’m sorry I haven’t updated a bloody thing on here.  But… I’m done being busy now, so I have time to catch up. On the 6th was the PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) Birthday Bash.  You might remember me talking about it last year, too.  This was my second year running the show… Read more »

Theatre Presentation Pictures

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Japanese Students, History of Theatre

It seems like forever ago I promised more school pics soon. This was the first event where I didn’t get a fast turnaround on photos from the moms at school. Probably because it was the end of the school year and they now have a new teacher. I’ve also broken their hearts. My old students still come and see me… Read more »

Stuff in the Mail

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japanese food

A few people have asked me about the kinds of things that we can’t get here that can be sent in  the mail. A lot of it I’ve adjusted to living without, even  though I miss it. I’ll keep adding to this list when I think of stuff. Post cards, American stickers (I use them at school), Beef Jerky, Fruit Leather, See’s Candy, … Read more »

My School’s Website

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I have spent a long time trying to hunt down this “great website” that my school has. And here it  is: In Japanese, it’s: There is another web server we use that hosts our e-mall, and so far all I’ve found there Is  this “Goodbye Mr. Mike” page. At least I’m in it, right? Our school was… Read more »

Fashion Plus – In Japan

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Fashion Lingere in Japan

I was really surprised by the number of people who e-mailed me back with questions about the Japanese fashion stuff, so … I’ve decided to do another Culture Twist update on the fashion here. Keep in mind, these are my viewpoints, and nothing more, but I have been here a full year now with no car, so walking and taking… Read more »

Kitten Update (aka more pics!!)

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I finally figured out her name. Mika (mee-kah). I was going to name her Mike (mee-keh) for  the tri-color pattern (“mikeneko” in Japanese), but I’ve slipped up a few times and called her Mika, which turns out is a  Japanese name for women. It means vase/urn in Japanese with that spelling, but it’s a stem in a lot of other  neat… Read more »


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Japanese Tri Color Cat

After fostering many baby kitties, I’ve finally found the one I’m going to keep. Her current name is Sprite, but I think I may name her Bina, as in Columbina from Commedia dell’Arte. Her face looks like a Venetian mask with the diamond patterns. She also reminds me of Rose from “A Rose for Pinkerton.” She’s got the green eyes… Read more »