Japanese Styled Chinese Acupuncture from a German Immigrant

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On Monday I finally went in for some acupuncture. It took me a while to find someone who speaks English in my area. Most are up in Tokyo. It sounds like a lot of businesses in Tokyo actually have English speaking personnel. Anyway, I thought you all might like to hear what Japanese acupuncture is like in Japan. Keep in… Read more »

Japanese Culture Twists Part One

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Sorry for not writing in a while, I’ve been so busy with work and the summer has finally arrived, so I’ve been going out more.  I don’t understand why so many people hide behind the gate here on base.  The culture is different, but not that hard to figure out (only the language – oh, and the food!).  I thought… Read more »

Tokyo Disneyland

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For my birthday, I went to Tokyo Disneyland!  I couldn’t have asked for better weather!  Everyone kept telling me it was going to pour, but it was bright, sunny, and about 75 degrees!  The first nice day since I’ve been here. Tokyo Disneyland is very similar to our Disneyland out in Califoria.  I was told by a mother at school that the… Read more »

Shinagawa Aquarium

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Shinagawa Aquarium Field Trip Departure

Until my next real blog, I wanted to share some pictures with you.  Enjoy! My last class went on a field trip to the Aquarium in Shinagawa.  And all the moms had cameras galore!  These are some of the cuter pics.  I don’t think you want to see the ones of me saying “get back here!”

New Teaching Job in Hodogaya

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Ok, so this may not be as glorious or exciting as my other e-mail updates, but I know everyone has been curious to know what job I would take up while here in Japan.  First, let me apologize to those of you who I told I would talk about food next.  I’ve been so busy with getting this job that… Read more »

Chinese New Year in Japan

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Hello again to all my friends back in the states!  Things are rolling along here rather well.  I finally got moved into my apartment here on base, got my phone and cable internet hooked up, and had my first Japanese Earth quake.  It wasn’t too bad, but it lasted a good long while, plus I’m up on the 8th floor… Read more »

Shrimp Burger

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Konnichi-wa to my firends from the purple risu (squirrel) here in Japan!  (See?  I’m learning Japanese already! LOL!) This one will have to be a short update since I’m in the library on base, but I thought I’d put out a little more info in responce to my last blog’s comments. I have started taking pictures now that I’ve started… Read more »

Arrival in Japan

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I made it!  I am here, safe and sound, in Yokosuka, Japan.  Of course, it rained as I got off the plane on Friday the 13th.  Then, we had to play tetris to get all of our luggage into the tiny little vans they have out here.  Once that was all done we made it to our hotel and were… Read more »