Arrival in Japan

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Downtown Yokosuka JapanI made it!  I am here, safe and sound, in Yokosuka, Japan.  Of course, it rained as I got off the plane on Friday the 13th.  Then, we had to play tetris to get all of our luggage into the tiny little vans they have out here.  Once that was all done we made it to our hotel and were assigned room 113.  (January-13??).  What a way to end a miserable military move, getting room 113.  Go figure!

I’m learning how to use the taxis and the bus today.  But first I had to figure out how to use stuff in the room!  They have instructions on the bath faucet because it is so odd.  The power isn’t much different, but there are 4 ways to throw stuff away since everyone has to be very eco-friendly here.  I’ll be a while before I learn everything.  I did venture off the base yesterday and walked to the nearest mall.  That was fun, the shops have no walls since crime isn’t a problem here.  We went to the grocery store and got lunch, but don’t ask me what I ate!    I’m not sure what it was!

There are lots of pretty papers and art supplies here for sale, as well as lots of fruits and veggies.  Ice cream shops sell crepes with fruit in all sorts of arrangements and they are quite popular.  Maybe in a day or two I’ll try one.

My guy will be leaving on Wednesday for a long deployment.  I’m really pissed because he just got back from the last one.  That means I am on my own to do everything (again!) so I’ll let you know how that goes.  It’s a holiday here, so I can’t start finding a place to live until tomorrow.  Next will be a phone, a PO Box, and a car and international license.  Fun stuff.  I’ll post my PO Box as soon as I have one.  Computer time is expensive right now, but I’ll try and send reports on Japan as often as possible.

Free Hello Kitty Geisha wallpaper


P.S.  The best part about Japan so far, is all the Sanrio!

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